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Child and Family Psychology Services


Child and family psychologists work with children aged 0-18 and their parents or families in relation to a range of potential difficulties. These might include difficulties with feelings including low mood or anxiety, difficulties with relationships, worries about the child or young person's development or behaviour, and educational concerns.

A child psychologist is interested in how children think, feel and learn. Their understanding of developmental psychology enables them to understand the child's perspective and help adults to consider the world from the child or young person's point of view.

A child and family psychologist will work with you to come to a shared understanding of the different factors underlying your concerns and provide the space and support to enable you to find a way forward.

There are different systems operating in a child's life; the family, the school and the community. All of these systems have an impact on the child's development and well being. The child or family psychologist can assist in a detailed exploration of these systems and consider ways in which they can be adapted to bring about positive change.

The psychologist uses different ways of gathering information including observation,assessment and consultation with key adults. At the end of this process strategies are suggested to support the child that can then be put in place and reviewed over time.

Depending on the circumstances, this might involve working individually with a child or young person, with their parent(s) or with the family as a whole. At the core of our work is an empathic, collaborative approach to making sense of families' worries, promoting emotional wellbeing and developing the capacity of family members to support each other independently in the longer term.

Often, you and your family may need just one or two appointments to make sense of problems and worries at home and to highlight positive avenues for change. Your family psychologist will help you decide how many appointments you need.

However meetings are managed, you will be made to feel relaxed and welcome.

We look forward to working with you!