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Damian Grainer

Psychosynthesis & Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

MA Psychology, Dip Counselling, Dip Coaching, APP reg


Ring: 07984 - 728443

I was drawn to Psychosynthesis because it is aligned to my belief in our potential as human beings. We can all flourish and live well, acting from what is most important to us and unhindered by limiting behaviours that cause unnecessary pain and suffering.

Having previously worked in project management and business in both the UK and abroad, I trained at the Institute of Psychosynthesis, where I obtained a Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling and an MA in Psychology validated through Middlesex University. I also trained in life coaching, performance coaching and substance misuse interventions (Brighton University) as well as being trained trained in the USA with the originators of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. I am registered with the APP (Association of Psychospiritual Practitioners) and am a member of ACBS (Associational for Contextual Behavioural Science). I have maintained a private practice since 2002 providing both counselling, life and performance coaching.

I have over 20 years' experience of working in the mental health and substance misuse fields and was a senior manager for a large national charity providing both medical and psychological services. I have authored 3 complete psycho-educational and therapeutic programmes commissioned by both NHS and third sector organisations. I Co-Founded Emerging Horizons in 2011(a training and consultancy company) providing a range of psychosocial training for health and social care professionals and Emerging Futures CIC (2014) that now operates nationally providing a wide range of services including mindfulness based and trauma informed interventions alongside the provision of coaching training for families, community connectors and those in mental health and addiction recovery.

With compassionate appreciation and within a context of hope, optimism and collaboration I can work with you to:

  • Find resolution of the pervasive underlying causes of your problems
  • Heal from early childhood trauma and abuse
  • Find freedom from self-destructive thoughts and behaviours including substance and process addictions
  • Develop psychological flexibility and committed action in service of your values
  • Build a repertoire of behaviours that support wellbeing and human flourishing
  • Facilitate healthy life long personal change
  • Build a strong foundation for healthy relationships
  • Increase self esteem, self worth and self confidence
  • Develop will and motivation
  • Become more intuitive and creative
  • Discover value, meaning and purpose in life
  • Get in touch with your whole being: body, feelings, mind, sexuality and spirituality
  • Develop mindfulness skillsø

Ring: 07984 - 728443 or email me : admin@damiangrainer.com