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Marlyn Donovan


M.A Psychotherapy, UKCP regd

Email: marlyn.donovan1@talktalk.net
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Tel: 07719 376227

My original training was in Education and I spent several years in teaching before I began my counselling training in 1984. As well as a Counselling Diploma, I have an MA in Psychotherapy and am a qualified and experienced Supervisor and Trainer. Psychosynthesis is my core model and still forms the basis of my practice which I would describe now as relational and integrative.

I have worked in private practice as a therapist for 20 years and as a supervisor and trainer for the last 15. During that time I have been involved in the training of counselling students in the UK and the Netherlands and have taught workshops on various aspects of self development and healing for the public both in the UK and Spain.

I have a lifelong interest in spirituality in the broadest sense, which for me means the possibility for all of us to evolve and change, to heal and become happier in our everyday lives. I am interested in issues of meaning and purpose and believe that healing is a natural process as we work to remove the blocks that keep us stuck.

My own experience has been that relationship, in particular the therapeutic relationship, can provide the key to unlocking this stuck-ness leading to a greater expression of creativity and potential as well as helping to heal the wounds of the past. I am very interested in how we live creatively with our woundedness, and how we make use of what life puts before us.

Having faced cancer twice myself in the last ten years, I have also felt drawn to working with those facing serious illness, and those dealing with the universal issues of loss and diminishment.

I work with adults and with young people between the ages of 16-19 years.

Marlyn Donovan

Tel: 07719 376227
email me on : marlyn.donovan1@talktalk.net