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Child, Adolescent and Family Therapy

Online options for counselling or psychotherapy are available, e.g. Skype, Zoom, FaceTime and also telephone sessions if preferred.

Christine Wright

Child and Adolescent Pyschoanalytic Psychotherapist

A child psychotherapist will work with a child and sometimes also with the parents in relation to a range of potential difficulties.

The therapist will be interested in how your child thinks, feels and learns. An understanding of developmental psychology enables an understanding of the child’s perspective which can help parents to consider the world from the child or young person’s point of view.

Your therapist may work with you to come to a shared understanding of the different factors underlying your concerns and provide the space and support to enable you to find a way forward.

Counselling for Teenagers

You can contact Karen Blumenfeld, and the therapists listed above.

Counselling for Families and Children

Christine Hall sees children over 5 years and Alrick Fletcher sees children over 10 years and both of them also offer family therapy at The Hale Village Therapy Centre.

You may also consider contacting The Clinical Psychology Practice who have a clinic at The Hale Village Therapy Centre and who may be able to help you with a range of child and family issues.

Or, if your enquiry concerns children up to 9 years of age, you could contact www.parentconcern.co.uk who specialise in teaching children with educational difficulties and can offer preschool assessments and then make appropriate referrals to other experts if necessary.

If you are interested in knowing about how play therapy could help your child, you may also like to visit www.manchesterplaytherapy.co.uk .

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