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Karen Blumenfeld

Transactional Analysis

BA Hons, Certified Transactional Analyst, Provisional Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (PTSTA) UKCP registered psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor.

Ring: 07956 614335



“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” Anais Nin

Hello and welcome to my profile. I am an experienced and fully qualified UKCP registered practitioner offering psychotherapy and counselling to adults over 19 years.

Additionally, I have considerable experience as a couples therapist and run parenting workshops throughout the year. For information see workshops page. I am also recognised by private health insurance companies. Please contact me also if you are interested in having professional supervision with me.

Modern life brings with it many stresses and strains that previous generations just did not experience and most of us feel mixed up, sad, angry or depressed at some time or another and that is normal. But when certain feelings, thoughts, anxieties or behaviours persist and start to spoil your life and relationships, then that is the time to seek help and support to explore what’s going on inside of you.

From my perspective, I believe that therapy should be creative, playful, exciting as well as creating and enabling a safe and trusted environment to cry, to grieve, to express anger, fear or anxieties. Coming into therapy could be one of the most rewarding decisions you make in your life, but it is also demanding and I will expect you to take action in between sessions to help yourself get to where you want to go ………

With insight into your problems, you can begin to make the changes that will lead to a happier life.

For example I will help you understand the history of and recover from the following:

  • anxiety, fear and panic problems; obsessional worrying, catastrophising
  • depression, mood swings, low self-esteem and lack of confidence
  • trauma and post traumatic stress disorder
  • the consequences in adult life of being sexually abused as a child
  • feelings of emptiness, of having a core sadness, unhappiness in a relationship
  • fear of getting close to anyone or of being left, sexual problems
  • repeatedly messing up relationships, recovering from a broken relationship
  • confusion and feelings of being lost, indecision
  • problems managing anger; repression of anger or inappropriate expression of rage
  • self harming or suicidal feelings

In addition, I am an experienced couples psychotherapist. There are some misunderstandings however about relationship therapy.

It is important to stress that the couples therapist is not a magician or a talisman and can’t ‘fix’ your relationship. This is an active relationship that you commit to if you come and see me. My role is to guide you, to invite a deeper understanding of how, what and why you do what you do together and to help you find different and more life enhancing ways of being in your relationship. This takes effort and commitment on your part and without this, couples therapy can drift on indefinitely so I will expect you to commit to taking action in between sessions to improve things.

I can also help you to separate or divorce with dignity, mutual respect, collegiality and kindness towards each other, especially if there are children involved. It is not divorce itself that screws up your kids, it’s the way that you handle the pain, anger, hurt and grief that determines whether your children quickly adapt to a new family set up or whether they are destablised or traumatised and consciously anxious about the emotional well being of their parents.

Whatever your reason for coming to see me, I look forward to working with you.

For more information about me, my background and how I approach therapy with you, please visit:


Tel: 07956 614335 or you can email me at karentblumenfeld@gmail.com

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