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Damian Grainer

Psychosynthesis is a psychological model based on the idea that each of us has many aspects to our personality that need to be brought into harmony if we are to be happy and effective in the world.

We can easily see this diversity in ourselves if we think about how we can be very different people depending on where we are and who we are with.

Our personality begins to form from our earliest experiences in the world as we respond in ways that help us get our needs met and express who we are.

Some of these ways may not be helpful to us as we become adults. For instance, we may unconsciously have come to believe that the only way we will be likeable is if we always please other people and put them first. Or we may have decided that the only way to stay safe is to keep a good emotional distance between us and others.

Many people experience a vague sense of not being all they might be, of frustration that they are not achieving all they could achieve.

Psychosynthesis provides tools and models to help us explore our way of being in the world and releasing our potential so that we can become more fully who we really are. It helps us to explore our relationship and attitude to ourselves as well as to others and to make choices about changing that if we wish to.

Drawing, journaling, sand tray, visualisation, dialogue and body work are amongst the tools that we might use in our work.

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