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Existential Counselling Psychology/Psychotherapy

Dr Susan Iacovou, Chartered Counselling Psychologist MA Psychology, Doctorate in Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy

Existential Counselling Psychologist/Psychotherapist working with clients aged 18-90 from a wide range of backgrounds on issues as individual and unique as the clients themselves.

At the core of my practice are existential ideas e.g. the fact that as human beings we face many of the same challenges including anxiety and sadness, getting on with other people, death, loss and grief, loneliness and isolation, trauma, physical and psychological pain, shame and guilt, emotional, physical and sexual abuse, illness and aging and how to live in a meaningful way.

The difficult times we live in at present, where the threat of new pandemics, the reality of wars, climate change and the increasing cost of living can remind us of our vulnerability and the vulnerability of our loved ones, can make it difficult to succeed in our careers, to maintain strong relationships with family and friends, to stay fit and healthy and to take responsibility for our lives. 

The existential approach is based on the principle that you are the expert as far as your life is concerned and that it is possible for you, with support, to make sense of the problems and difficulties you face (no matter how big) and to experience your life to the full – to live in a way that feels authentic and real.

I will work with you to explore your situation and to:

Examine the things that are really important to you – the things that really make your life meaningful;

Identify behaviours, attitudes and ways of looking at the world that help you to achieve the things that are really important in your life, and those that get in the way of achieving those things;

Enable you to make your own choices about the way you live, based on what you discover.

Existential relationship therapy is becoming increasingly popular and helps couples to identify the things they need and want from each other.  It also focuses on exploring each individual’s vision of a successful relationship, and gives them space to work out what they can and cannot contribute to making this vision a reality.

Relationship difficulties such as infidelity, aggression and violence, communication breakdowns and differences of opinion over how to bring up children, are examined in an open, non-judgemental way, and a wide range of possible solutions identified and explored.

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